Tenancy law

The reforms of tenancy law in recent years had aspired to make the statutory provisions more transparent. Landlords and tenants are exposed to a flood of regulations and legal decisions, however. Legal advice is for the most part already recommended at the conclusion of a lease. Many disputes arise only during ongoing tenancy agreements and especially in the event of their termination. This applies both to residential leases and to commercial leases.

We advise tenants and landlords alike at the conclusion of lease agreements. During the ongoing tenancy, our advice and procedural law representation includes all disputes about operating costs and their billing, rental increases, defect rights, cosmetic repairs, and ordinary as well as extraordinary terminations of the tenancy agreement. After the termination of the tenancy agreement, we provide our clients with advice and support them in the vacating process, therefore, as a matter of priority in the determination of the effectiveness of the termination. After the end of the tenancy agreement, other disputes frequently arise between the parties, such as over the condition of the leased property, therefore, the question as to whether cosmetic repairs were owing or damage claims exist and the security deposit must be returned.

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