Residential property law

The residential property law as a special law governs not only the different elements of special property and joint ownership of the common components of a property, but also the rights and duties of joint owners among themselves as well as the rights and duties of the Homeowner Association administration.

The legal advice and procedural law representation is therefore aimed at individual homeowners, homeowner associations and also the administration of a community.

Actions for annulment of decisions play a major role under procedural law. In this connection, we represent homeowners who are suing, but also sued joint owners. There may also be disputes between homeowners, for instance, as the result of the violation of house rules or the unauthorized use of special or joint property. Also, claims of the community against individual homeowners, such as actions for payment, must frequently be enforced in court. Disputes between the administration and the homeowners are also subject to judicial review, for instance, breaches of duty, the early dismissal of an administration, but also claims of an administration dismissed unjustly. And ultimately a dispute frequently arises with regard to the execution of maintenance or modernization measures not only within a community, but rather also between the community and the craftsmen performing the work, so that the appeal to a court, for example, in the course of an independent procedure of taking evidence, may be required.

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