Family law

The focus of family law is advice in the case of separation and divorce. While consensual divorce is the ideal case, it is frequently also the exception. Whether consensual or disputed, in both cases legal advice on the provision of maintenance or division of assets (savings, deposits, life insurance policies, building loan contracts, shared property) makes sense. In the case of a contentious dispute, legal representation is indispensable.

Attorney Mr. Thomas Salmen, a specialist attorney in family law, advises and represents our clients in divorce proceedings, in the case of questions on pension rights adjustment, equalization of accrued gains as well as marital and post-marital maintenance. Besides giving advice and support in a parental dispute, our family law advice also includes arrangements for access and custody rights as well as for the maintenance claims of the children. Also, parent maintenance is a focus of our activity.

For additional questions in family law please contact attorney Salmen, specialist attorney for family law, by email to or by phone at 0211-9990850.

In particular, you will be advised on the following topics: