Travel law

For more than 10 years, attorney von Below, an expert in travel law, has advised travelers and tourism companies.

Air travellers
In the case of flight delays of over 3 hours or in the case of flight cancellations, we provide advice as to whether and to what extent you are entitled to damage claims against the airlines. Depending on the distance, you are entitled to flat-rate damage claims between EUR 250.00 and EUR 600.00 per person and per flight in accordance with the European Air Passenger Rights Regulation (Regulation (EC) No. 261/04).

Many airlines fail to respond or do not respond satisfactorily to passengers’ claim letters or claim that there were extraordinary circumstances. We assist you here in enforcing your rights!

Package tours/ individual tours
In case of problems about the tours you booked, we provide you with advice on the enforcement of your claims; this may entail reductions in the tour price, damage claims or claims due to wasted vacation time. We also advise you in the event of cancellation of travel before and during the tour as well as in the case of difficulties with your travel cancellation insurance.

Tourism companies
We provide advice to tourism companies in the design of their General Terms and Conditions and in other contractual issues. We also advise you out of court and represent your interests before all German courts.

For additional questions in travel law please contact attorney von Below by email to or by phone at 0211-9990850.

In particular, we will advise you on the following topics: